What happens when chlamydia is left untreated

By | July 7, 2020

what happens when chlamydia is left untreated

If chlamydia is not detected and left untreated, it can cause complications serious complications in men and women. For women, one of the most serious complications from untreated chlamydia is pelvic inflammatory disease PID. And 1 in 8 women with a history of PID experience difficulties getting pregnant. PID can also cause ectopic pregnancy where a fertilized egg implants outside of the uterus and chronic pelvic pain. Like chlamydia, it is possible for a woman to have PID and not have any symptoms, or have symptoms too mild to notice, for an unknown period of time. If symptoms do occur, they could include. PID can also be misdiagnosed as appendicitis, ectopic pregnancy, ruptured ovarian cysts or other problems. PID can be treated successfully, if diagnosed and treated early.

What are the symptoms of chlamydia? More than half of all infections involve people ages 18 to The recommended antibiotic treatment is doxycycline taken twice a day for seven days or azrithromycin taken in one single dose. You should be examined by your doctor if you notice any of these symptoms or if your partner has an STD or symptoms of an STD. Find an STD testing site near you. Have an honest and open talk with your health care provider. Limit your number of sex partners Use a male or female condom If you think you are infected or have been exposed, avoid any sexual contact and visit a local sexually transmitted disease STD clinic, a hospital or your doctor.

Left untreated chlamydia is what happens when

Revised: September Section Navigation. If your baby has symptoms of these conditions, your midwife or GP can arrange for a test to check for chlamydia, and antibiotics can be used to treat the infection. Pregnancy complications If you have chlamydia that’s not treated while you’re pregnant, there’s a chance you could pass the infection on to your baby. Men and women can also get infected with chlamydia in their rectum. If you engage in sexual activity with a person who has a chlamydia infection, you can get it again, even if you’ve just completed treatment for it.

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