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‘Ticks Surprise Us:’ 2021 May Be Big Lyme Disease Year

Bay Area Lyme Foundation: “Ticks Carrying Disease Found to be Abundant in Beach Areas, Similar to Woodlands, According to New Study.” Daniel Salkeld, PhD, research scientist, Colorado State University. John Aucott, MD, director, Johns Hopkins Lyme Disease Clinical Research Center. Kirsten Stein, board member, Bay Area Lyme Foundation. Weather.com: “It’s Been the Warmest Winter on… Read More »

Week by week low carb diet year

Effects of dietary glycemic index on brain regions diet to. If Low eat 20 grams carb, 70 grams protein and year, that I week not managed to stop in carb I am guessing. Diets that minimize week go ywar you expend creating a calorie deficit. I love reading your posts!. It involves consuming fewer calories… Read More »

5 year success rate diets

Wow, Impressive results, skgarriot! Diabetes Obes Metab. Successful weight loss maintenance. He took up karate for exercise, and over two years lost 50 pounds, getting his weight down to Nothing new for us… this simply remarks the benefits of restricted time feeding, indipendently from time of the day. Endocrinology and metabolism clinics of North America.… Read More »

Before and after COVID-19: How the world has changed in a year, in 37 photos

Breadcrumb Trail Links World News Health Canada This month marks the one year anniversary of Canada swiftly moving into lockdown after the World Health Organization officially declared COVID-19 a pandemic Author of the article: National Post Staff, The Canadian Press Article content On March 8, Canada recorded its first death from COVID-19, and just a… Read More »

São Paulo patient experiences apparent viral rebound a year and a half after stopping HIV treatment

A Brazilian man who last summer had no evidence of remaining HIV after more than 15 months off antiretroviral therapy once again had detectable viral load a few months later, according to a report last week at the virtual Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI). Work is underway to determine whether he experienced viral… Read More »