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Dear Me, it won’t last forever: Study suggests writing letters to future self can lessen stress of COVID pandemic

Breadcrumb Trail Links News Health and Wellness Health Canada ‘It activates that sense that “This too shall pass, that this may be a really difficult time right now but I can get through difficult times” ‘ Author of the article: Tom Blackwell Publishing date: Feb 19, 2021  •  3 days ago  •  4 minute read A… Read More »

Fitness studios move classes outdoors to make up for revenue lost to the pandemic

A BronCore Fitness bootcamp in the Boston Commons. Bron Volney Jacob Gise opened a Body Fit Training franchise in Santa Monica, California, in November. By March, the flagship U.S. studio of the global chain had just become profitable. Gise had traveled to Australia, where Body Fit Training began, to learn the ropes, so he was… Read More »

Flying cross country amid coronavirus pandemic for heart surgery: One patient’s success story

Jeffrey Street’s unruptured aortic aneurysm was stretching his aortic valve with severe leakage. A life-saving surgery awaited him in New York City, but that required a cross-country flight amid the coronavirus pandemic. “When we operated on him we actually saw a little tear in the aorta right where the aneurysm was. … I mean, you can’t… Read More »