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Global Research Institute with new Professorship in Tropical Medicine and Focus on Implementation Research

Institute assumes tasks of a WHO Collaborating Center (WHO-CC) Implementation Research – Kontrast Personalberatung assists in filling position The research institute from Hamburg will establish the department of implementation research and, with the new professorship of tropical medicine, set up a new internationally staffed section that will conduct cross-disease and multidisciplinary research. Implementation research, considered… Read More »

Pills and the planet: Environmentally-friendly steps for your medicine cabinet

Most people might not guess that pills (or creams, patches, and inhalers, for that matter) have a big impact on the environment — but they do. Climate change is leading to noticeable effects on the environment, as well as to consequences for our health, such as rising rates of asthma and new patterns of infectious… Read More »

Traditional chinese medicine the mediterranean diet bipolar

Conventionally, insurance carriers have been reluctant to provide coverage for mental health care. Adherence to a Mediterranean diet and survival in a Greek population. General Considerations For practitioners of Western medicine who add acupuncture and other TCM modalities to their armamentarium, the temptation always exists to extrapolate from one system to another. An investigation of… Read More »

What is the medicine for malaria

Diagnosis Medicine diagnose malaria, your doctor will likely review your medical history, whqt a physical exam and order blood tests. J Public Health Med ; 21 3 : The subsequent reviews were conducted for a voluntary the. Eight hundred and forty nine species were quoted only once in the studies consulted, therefore there is not… Read More »

New Research Finds that Sustained Acoustic Medicine (sam®) Treatment Significantly Reduced Pain of the Neck and Shoulder – PRNewswire

TRUMBULL, Conn., June 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — ZetrOZ Systems, maker of wearable ultrasound device sam®, is encouraged by a double-blind RCT study published recently in the Journal of Pain Research by the Orthopaedic Foundation, Stamford, Connecticut, found that low-intensity continuous ultrasound treatment significantly reduced upper trapezius myofascial pain of the neck and shoulder. Results indicated that applying daily… Read More »

Bad Medicine Is Worse Than No Medicine – Scientific American

At a restaurant industry executive event a little while ago, President Donald Trump stated that he was taking hydroxychloroquine or “the hydroxy” as he called it, in an effort to prevent COVID-19 infection. He also said many frontline workers—presumably referring to nurses, doctors and emergency medical technicians—were also taking the drug. Over the last few… Read More »