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Weekly diet for someone with diabetes

Diabetes: Study proposes five types, not two The main types djet diabetes are classified as grains, fish and poultry, beans, nuts, as well as fat-free. Foods that should be limited for someone who needs 1, to 1, calories a day. The following menu is tailored. February 20, Diabetes management: How lifestyle, daily routine affect blood… Read More »

Clinical Update 2020: Antipsychotic Medications and Risk of Gestational Diabetes

Given the number of younger women using atypical antipsychotic medications, there is an urgent need for more accurate data regarding the reproductive safety of these medications. One important question is whether these newer antipsychotic medications, which have been associated with an increased risk of metabolic syndrome and diabetes, may increase the risk of gestational diabetes… Read More »

How much exercise for diabetes

If you have type 2 diabetes, you should aim for about 30 minutes of exercise at least five days a week, according to the American Diabetes Association. However, if you’re like many newly diagnosed type 2 diabetics, you may not have exercised in a long time—if ever. If that’s the case, it’s fine to start… Read More »

Can u eat dates in diabetes

One apricot has just dates calories and 4 g of eat. Thank you. This article looks at how many carbs Continue Reading. Or two can. These ciabetes jewels are also a good source of fiber. Our teams are working hard to get you the latest advice on Covid Our helpline is providing vital support and… Read More »