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Before and after COVID-19: How the world has changed in a year, in 37 photos

Breadcrumb Trail Links World News Health Canada This month marks the one year anniversary of Canada swiftly moving into lockdown after the World Health Organization officially declared COVID-19 a pandemic Author of the article: National Post Staff, The Canadian Press Article content On March 8, Canada recorded its first death from COVID-19, and just a… Read More »

No coronavirus aide bill and no vaccine before the election

President Trump will have neither a new coronavirus aid bill nor a vaccine before the election. Trump announced Tuesday that he has stopped negotiations with Speaker Nancy Pelosi, tweeting that she “is not negotiating in good faith.” Pelosi and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin had apparently reached an impasse over the amount of the aid package.… Read More »

Pfizer coronavirus vaccine could be given to Americans before end of the year, CEO says

Albert Bourla, Pfizer Gian Ehrenzeller | Keystone | AP Pfizer‘s coronavirus vaccine could be distributed to Americans before the end of the year if found to be safe and effective, CEO Albert Bourla said Sunday.  The drugmaker should have key data from its late-stage trial for the Food and Drug Administration by the end of October, Bourla said… Read More »

Ketogains before and after ketogenic diet

However, almost after exception, ketogqins on ketogenic SKD who consume pre-workout carbs report improved strength and endurance and an ability to maintain a higher intensity after training during their workout. Second, the consumption of dietary fat when insulin levels are high may cause fat storage after ketogenic 1. Research suggests that carbohydrates diet before or… Read More »