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NHS expert on how to quit antidepressants safely with almost a fifth taking them

Almost a fifth of the population is taking antidepressants, and they are invaluable to people who would struggle to cope without them. But these drugs are not usually meant to be a long-term solution – and coming off them can cause big problems. “It’s not always easy to come off ­antidepressants due to fears of… Read More »

Why antidepressants for ocd

NCBI Bookshelf. Obsessive-compulsive disorder can really interfere with everyday activities and make it almost impossible to live a normal life. But there are treatments that can help to get it under control: particularly cognitive behavioral therapy, but medication too. People with obsessive-compulsive behavior OCD are haunted by constant repetitive thoughts or feel compelled to do… Read More »

Can antidepressants make you lose weight

Home How can I lose weight while on antidepressants? Losing weight is often a struggle, especially when a person is also living with a mood disorder. The causes are multiple. Increased appetite and carbohydrate craving, along with reduced activity level, are common symptoms of depression. And yes, certain antidepressants and other medications may increase appetite.… Read More »

How many antidepressants can you be on

Br J Psychiatry. What to do if you suspect an overdose. Your doctor will advise you how best to discontinue your medication and whether you should stop your antidepressant gradually. As pointed out by Si and Wang, [1] combining antidepressants with a monoamine oxidase inhibitor MAOI can result in a serotonin syndrome. Find out how… Read More »