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Why is acne worse in the morning

A little bit of sun is good for your spirits, and your skin. And it explains how you can enjoy the sun and care for your blemish-prone skin at the same time, even if you are undergoing medical acne treatment. Sunlight in moderation is good for our bodies and our minds. Find out how in… Read More »

Why peanuts can cause acne

Delicious peanut butter… an acne trigger disguised as a health food! And amazingly, you can trace the roots of a jar of Jif back to the Aztecs. They were grinding peanuts into a paste well before Shakespeare was in diapers. Monounsaturated fat is great for your skin, and a couple studies have found that eating… Read More »

Can use hydrocortisone for acne

Whether it was picture day, your wedding, a job interview, or a photoshoot, we all know the familiar horror of a last minute pimple. When it comes out of nowhere, it’s often too late to change your whole skincare regime — so what are some emergency fixes for a surprise pimple? I mean, acne-busting face… Read More »

Where is acne in early pregnancy

Congratulations on the impending birth of your little one. Pregnancy is an amazing time that brings about amazing changes. Some of them are fun, like your cute new baby bump. Some of them, though, are not so fun. Like pimples. Lots of them. Why are you breaking out now that you’re pregnant? As you’ve discovered,… Read More »

Can a naturopath help with acne

I started suffering from acne at age 12 and finally cleared up my skin with the help of a naturopath, diet changes, and more holistic treatments outlined below. I started getting acne at age 12, and it’s been a very long and exhausting journey. Acne has played a huge role in my life and especially… Read More »

What is comedonal acne

Active, inflammatory acne is a skin disorder that involves the oil glands of our skin sebaceous glands. Normally, the skin oil sebum flows out of these glands and spreads evenly over the skin. However, for people with acne, the openings of some of these glands are clogged by “plugs” made of dead skin cells and… Read More »