More americans trying plant-based diet

By | August 28, 2020

more americans trying plant-based diet

The past several years witnessed the steady growth of a plant-forward movement that is shifting food and beverage markets not just in North America but around the world. Innova Market Insights data shows that the number of new food and beverage launches tracked with plant-based claims in the U. Split between foods and beverages, plant-based food product introductions grew at 69 percent in the five-year period, while plant-based beverages witnessed a 38 percent increase. Plant protein claims specifically, have increased percent for new food and beverage product launches since According to the International Food Information Council, 21 percent of all Americans said they have an improved opinion about the healthfulness of plant proteins, and 69 percent are trying to consume more, a figure that coincides with the introduction of plant-based product introductions. While plant-based product development and introductions roll out across the globe, North Americans consumed more plant-based proteins than any other region in and this trend is expected to continue. In the U.

One in three Americans now considers themselves a “flexitarian,” according to new research. A new study into the diet choices of 2, Americans found 38 percent admit to following more than one type of dietary lifestyle. And a flexitarian diet — defined as someone who does not adhere to one specific eating style and may combine plant-based and meat-based diets — is now adopted by 31 percent of those studied. And another 13 percent now subscribe to a specific eating lifestyle, such as veganism, vegetarianism or paleo. The research, launched ahead of World Vegan Day on Nov. Over half 52 percent of Americans are currently trying to incorporate more plant-based meals into their daily lives. Americans are open to the idea of eating more plant-based meals. In fact,18 percent have tried a vegetarian diet and 5 percent have tried a vegan diet. On average, Americans reported that they will attempt a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle six times in their lifetime, with the average stretch being 37 days of strict plant-based meals.

Statistically, about a third of you would enjoy this. Vegetarians may rely on some animal foods for their daily protein needs. Try a Meatless Monday: Cook a vegetarian meal once a week. Others made death threats, which Ms. To try a more plant-focused diet, go for leafy greens like spinach, kale and collards. But not everyone thinks eating only plants is always healthy.

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