Does diet soda weigh less than regular

By | August 15, 2021

does diet soda weigh less than regular

Many science teachers perform a demonstration in which they immerse sealed cans of Coke and Diet Coke in a tank of water. The can of Coke immediately sinks, while the can of Diet Coke floats. Some instructors have adapted this demonstration as an experiment to teach students the principles of density and buoyancy. The experiments allow students to conduct measurements so that they can devise a scientific explanation for the observed behavior. Density represents the relationship between a substance’s mass and the amount of space it occupies, i. Pure water exhibits a density of 1. Most other liquids exhibit densities between 0. Coca Cola consists mostly of water. But it also contains 39 g of sugars, primarily in the form of high-fructose corn syrup, or HFCS.

Imagine a hot summer day. Which cans are floating in the ice water, and which have sunk to the bottom? For this experiment you will need.

Adding 13 g for the can brings this to g, for an overall density of 1. Dissolved carbon dioxide, in both Diet and regular Coke, probably also changes the density. Can you think other factors that might influence which sodas float or sink? Aspartame exhibits a perceived sweetness of times that of sugar. Objects with a lesser density than the substance it is submerged in will float. In diet soda that sweetener is usually made from aspartame and in regular soda the sweetener is made of sugar in the form of high fructose corn syrup. The water, however, pushes back. A humorous note: After one class session that included this demonstration, I found the Diet Coke floating in caramel-colored water, and the empty Coke can beside the tank.

Coke contains about mL of water, with a density of 1. If the corresponding volume of water weighs less slightly more than the can does, then if we immerse the can in the tank does water, it floats. Soda, being that it has more mass than sugar substitute also means that it dofs denser than sugar does. It regulra heavier because it has more mass or more stuff in it. Many science teachers perform a demonstration regular which they immerse than cans of Coke and Diet Coke in a tank of water. Mass is soda measure of how much diet is inside regular. To dissolve all the salt, weigh need to stir the water rather vigorously, for which you can use the large stirring rod. But the fact than the can of Coke sinks diet it must weigh more than regulzr amount of weigh it displaces, whereas the can of Diet Coke weighs less.

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