Diet plan for transformation

By | March 4, 2021

diet plan for transformation

Without the right nutrition the most perfectly structured program would be a complete waste of time. All top athletes will concur that nutrition is over half the battle. All top athletes will concur that nutrition is over half the battle and will place as much or even more emphasis on their nutritional needs as they would on their training program. For training progress to occur we need three things: the training stimulus, proper rest, and adequate nutrition. Of these three, nutrition would rank highest as it provides the support growing muscles need and allows for sufficient training intensity in the gym. The number one reason people usually fail to progress in their training efforts is a lack of nutritional knowledge. Often bodybuilders will find they are eating insufficiently for muscle growth, or they will be eating too much of the wrong kinds of nutrients. The key to eating smart for athletic purposes is to be consistent. Variety is important but it is worth sticking to a particular diet rather than staggering your approach if long lasting results are to be realized.

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