Can a naturopath help with acne

By | June 11, 2020

can a naturopath help with acne

I started suffering from acne at age 12 and finally cleared up my skin with the help of a naturopath, diet changes, and more holistic treatments outlined below. I started getting acne at age 12, and it’s been a very long and exhausting journey. Acne has played a huge role in my life and especially affected me socially. I remember people asking me if my face had been bitten by mosquitoes, if I suffered from any diseases, or, simply, what the hell happened? Remarks like these always hit me super hard emotionally, making my damaged self-image even worse. I still feel my chest tightening up when I think about how these remarks made me feel. Here’s what I did to take control. When I was 14 and my acne was at its worst, a dermatologist put me on Tetracycline, an antibiotic, for three months.

Our downtown Vancouver Naturopathic doctors offer natural acne treatment, as well as natural treatment options for other types of skin ruptures. Acne is a skin disorder that often develops in adolescence when hormones cause oil glands to grow and produce more oil. When these glands overproduce, they can cause the pores to become clogged, eventually creating ruptures in the skin. For some, these problems clear up after adolescence. For others, acne lasts into adulthood, and for a small percentage, acne even begins in adulthood. Naturopathy offers natural acne treatments to help alleviate acne symptoms as well as other natural acne treatment and physical health issues. When a Naturopathic doctor considers a person with acne, they often recommend treatments that include nutrition adjustments, natural supplements, and topical treatments for the skin ruptures. Many medically-based topical creams claim to clear up acne for good, however, Naturopathy practitioners believe the real cure begins from the inside.

Together we can look at your diet, coping mechanisms, and other help contributors to your skin health. Natural acne treatment should begin with identifying and treating the underlying causes that can contribute to acne. Our clinic at 49 Naturopath St, North Melbourne, is open six days a acne. Of course, removing refined sugars will be suggested. We can to help you regain your confidence through clearer, healthier looking with. By Acnf.

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